I can´t turn u loose (C) / Soulman (E) / Bartender (C)
She caught the caddy (Bb) / 6345789 (D)
Who´s making love (F) / Cheaper to Keep her (Bb)
Messing with the kid (B also H) / Tailfeather (D)
Give me some loving (E) / Rawhinde (Am -> Bm)
Stand by your man (Bb) / Almost (E)
B-Movie (E) / Peter Gun (E)
Jailhouse Rock (D) / Riot (C) / I aint got you (E)
Rubber B (G) / Shot gun blues (Bb) / Chicken Shake (G)
Think (G) / Respekt (G) / Hold on (F)
I feel good (D) / How blue can you get (D)
Minnie the moocher (Em) / Everybody (C)
Sweet home Chicago (E)



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